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What ARCI is

What ARCI is
Arci is an independent association of social and civil promotion. It is composed of
5.000 clubs and over 1.000.000 members. Altogether they create a rich democratic
tissue and active participation all across Italy.

ARCI promotes and supports

Associations is as a factor of social cohesion, a place for civil and democratic
commitment, a place where assert rights of citizenship and fight against every way of
exclusion and discrimination.

Cultural activities. In over 2.000 clubs people play and produce music. Cineclubs
are more than 100. Committee and clubs organise a lot of educational trainings
and courses for any kind of artistic attitudes or for free time (dance, theatre, new
languages, comics, poetry, communication, art, etc).

Social policy. ARCI’ clubs are an important component of social policy. Here people
operate against isolation and solitude, against racism, for immigrant rights, and
develop projects to support creativity and socialization between young people, for
rights inside and outside prisons, for the sociality of disabled people and mentally
deficient people, working with the elderly for a peaceful and active life, for the
recreational activities of children.

The international solidarity. Arci is strongly involved in commitment to promote
international solidarity, peace, justice, democracy, human rights, cohabitation. In fact
great experiences are carried out in Palestine, in Cuba and for Saharawi people. But
also in Philippine, in Peru, in Brazil, in Mozambique for childhood, women, human